Nite-Ize BigRing S-Biner 2″

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Nite-Ize BigRing S-Biner 2″

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Nite-Ize BigRing S-Biner

Made of a continuous loop of sturdy stainless steel, the Nite-Ize BigRing S-Biner is perfect for those of us with more than the average number of keys. Large and roomy, yet lightweight and easy to carry, the BigRing comes with 8 #.5-sized Stainless Steel S-BinersĀ® in two colors (4 stainless, 4 black) so you can easily identify keys at a glance. Or, use one of the S-Biners to attach the BigRing to a belt loop, purse strap, or zipper pull, or to hook to a second ring. The S-Biners remove and reattach quickly and securely, making it easy to share keys with co-workers, valets, babysitters, or for taking a single key with you when you’re out for a run or ride

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