Pyranha 9R

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Pyranha 9R

Blazing fast, precise and forgiving, the 9R sets the standard against which all others will be judged. Narrow entry and asymmetric plan for speed. Edge for precision. High bow, tailored rocker and volume distribution keep you on top of the water in control and in the lead.¬†Setting the pace….. R is for Race.

The 9R can take you anywhere, and fast! You get all the length you need without feeling like you’re sitting in a bath tub. The narrow width not only increases the dynamic speed of the boat. Along with the innovative C4S outfitting and a lower knee profile, The Pyranha 9R also increases your connectivity to offer ultimate control.

From races to waterfalls and expeditions, the 9R holds its line, but thanks to its extreme rocker profile, it will also let you turn on a dime. A planing hull with soft edges will let you soul surf forever, carving as much as you like without catching you out, and the high bow will keep you from nose diving into the front of the wave.

The front wave-deflectors don’t just look cool, they stayed put in the 9R’s design and they do wonders to accelerate the boat over any hole and deflect the water away from your face so you can concentrate on your next move.

Pyranha whitewater kayak

Tech Specs

Sizes 9R
Length 271cm / 8′ 11″
Width 64cm / 25.2″
External Cockpit Length 95cm / 37.4″
External Cockpit Width 50cm / 19.5″
Volume 295l / 78gal (US)
Hatch Volume N/A
Weight 21kg / 46lb
Optimum Paddler Weight 60 – 95kg / 132 – 209lb
Yellow / Red / Green Turquoise / Lime / Fuchsia Red / White / Grey

STOUT 2 Outfitting

  • Stout Seat
    Simple, solid, and highly ergonomic padded seat with trim adjustment and height adjustment shim.
  • Stout 2 Adjustable Hip Pads
    Oversized hip pads that mould to your shape, with adjustment shims for a snug fit.
  • Stout 2 Thigh Grips
    Padded, full length contoured thigh grips with fore/aft adjustment and an optional hooker upgrade in S/M or L/XL.
  • Connect Adjustable Ratchet Backband
    Padded backband with ratchet adjustment support.


Additional information

Weight 22.7 kg
Dimensions 272 x 68 cm
Dimensions 9R

Length: 272cm
Width: 68cm
External Cockpit Length: 95cm
External Cockpit Width: 52.5cm
Volume: 340lts
Weight 22.7kgs
Optimum Paddler Weight: 75-125kgs

Outfitting 9R

Systems: Connect C4S or Stout
Seat: Padded C4S Seat or Stout Seat
Hip Pads: Adjustable
Backband: Adjustable Ratchet Backband
Thigh Grips: Adjustable
Footrest: Full Plate
Grab Handles: Aluminium x2
Security Points: Aluminium x3


Lime/Turqoise, Red/White/Grey, Turqoise/Lime/Fuschia, Yellow/Dark Green/Red, Yellow/Jaffa/White, Yellow/White/Grey


C14, C4S, Stout, Stout2




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